Sunday, April 29, 2007


I know CCK getting more n more crowded these days.

This is what i have to say..

Yes, more ppl come = more damages done on machine (not exactly everyone who visits cck is a padspoiler, but i hope u all understand the wear and tear logic). More credit count, lesser chance to play, more distractions.

But we don't own CCK. CCK Zone-X is not managed by us, not to say the little space at the DMGF machine. Its up to you individual to have some hard feelings inside you, but we should always project a good image infront of them. The visitors are our friends too. Vice versa if we go DBG and we are treated with poor hospitality, no one likes it too.

Remember on the forum post about the troublemakers? There's one portion which says we WELCOME EVERYONE to CCK as long as they don't bring troubles. So by saying so, we should actually welcome them instead of feeling 'sian' and thinking they are 'ppl who makes the queue longer'.

We should not say we have little to play when they come because, we being majority who resides at CCK gets to play nearly anytime when we are free. But we have to understand the fact that our dear friends live far away, and take the effort to come all the way down. Some of them maybe just for games, but i think most of them actually come to find the CCK ppl.

Yes i admit, i do feel sian when i see the credit count, but i won't complain, at most i don't play. Very obvious that i play more guitar than DM rite? Cos guitar queue is shorter. I don't like sitting there to rot and chill after i've warmed up for DM. Thats just my style. When i play DM, i want to continue nonstop, it works better for me. So when too many ppl comes, i just play a round of non pushing SP. then just chill out or play other games.

We should actually feel happy that ppl come from far just to come CCK.

Think abt it. how many times we went down DBG vs how many times they come CCK.

obviously the latter.

So yup, lets give them the benefits of a visitor.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Helo everyone

Helo everyone, I'm Blizz here, and I think it's time for me to make a contribution post to this blog. So let me start by saying...

ARGH jhdKAsjfklasdjfiojdsoafjoiasjf
It seems that my license to "eat and drink" in the arcade has been revoked. WTH sia, even the older aunties also don't let me do that. So zzz. Especially the red 1. I think I'm the only 1 who kena it sia. Everytime have to end up eating at the kiddie ride outside the arcade.

No more oyster mee sua + DMGF music. Sian.

Okay very random, forgive me. =D

Saturday, April 14, 2007

dis is a wtf and lol post.

so ya which part of mirage residence sounds indian to u. forgif me for being racist.
seems lyk dis song is royal to them somemore. i might b jus bored doin dis kind of tinks. but of all indian.

damn. i might b beginning to hate tis song. XD.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some gentle reminders about the cck gang.

i believe today right we do not wish to have conflicts or even bring in politics into the community. so here are actually some gentle reminders to remind us again wad shld we have in us that makes us part of communtity.

1st reminder:
pls dun tell lies. Liars, liars pants on fire. why bother to lie to the community. IF U wan to tell lies inside the community den pls get ur arse out of dis community cos we cant stand u thk u very much. CCK gang is a nice community i dun wish to c the relationship in between us going sour. so if u tink u r the one or if we tell u straight in the face u r the one, den thk u pls stay away from cck gang.

2nd reminder:
nxt if we say u r lyk tt and wan u out. go and repent and reflect and if we realli feel tt u haf changed we will welcome u back into the community again.

lastly, u no hu u r, trying to stir up trouble in cck. ur pack of lies dun work here. and lastly the members hu agreed tt wan u to bloody change ur attitude.

me= JQ/FSW-75
Bryant = Ah kang/asuna-k/
Blizz = cl-blizz

members hu agree wif me pls kindly let me no in the tag board. thx.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Hello everyone

finally finished all my outfields in taiwan..

not a normal DMGF post like what i normally do.. but yeah, taiwan's a great place. can visit cheekeen's blog to see why.. Met with cheekeen and talked cock with him too.. Kinda feels great to see your own friend in a foreign country..

Oh its been so long since i touched DMGF, i nearly forgot everything. really. i guess when i come back, i need the time to pick my skills back..

So i hope everyone is doing fine at SG. I am doing fine down here, gonna show u guys e pics when i come back.

i really miss sg, i think this overseas exercise taught me how to appreciate things in SG.

anw, i look forward to seeing you guys in SG !!

I will come CCK on tues 17th april !!!

cya guys man !!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

CCK DM Match 2.

Okay, i've forgotten 2 very important annoucements to make.

1st thing is: Everyone can just play their own friendly match and pass me the pictures of the scores. I don't have to be there for the match itself.

2nd thing is: The first actual official match would after when shin comes back, which is after 16th april.

So now guys, we are just having fun matches and preparing ourselves for the actual friendly match!

This friday, there would be DM match 2. Participants interested can just come down and join in the fun!

On these matches before 16th april, the level limit rule may/may not apply with participants' overall decision. Also, whether its on a NON-STOP or STANDARD, its also on own's decision.

Just let me know about the results and i will post them here ;)