Sunday, January 28, 2007

A little bit more

Shin - Ok I'll probably just take a snapshot the next time I'm there.

Bryant - Chill about the bass, in time you'll get used to it.

Rest of the players - Conduct yourselves properly.

I've nothing much to say except that today was probably a bad day, and only bryant and david probably knows why.

In addition, given the situation of the pre-preparation for the EID module I have to take in June, I will be very short on time. And sleep. So sometimes please don't blame me if I feel like leaving early all of a sudden. The past week I slept about 5 hours a night during week days and I only managed to catch up on weekends.

Lastly, EID sucks big time. Briefly speaking we're supposed to come up with a commercial machine under one of the following categories:

i. E1 Engineering analysis
ii. E2 Machining and manufacturing
iii. E3 Pneumatics and control
iv. E4 Mechatronics - mainstream
v. E5 Creative problem solving
vi. E6 Material selection and analysis

Please note that EID is from 7th May to 11th June 2007, you are required to be in school full-time during this period."

Starting from scratch to produce a commercial machine that helps improve something under those categories is seriously quite terrible. Bah. The process starts now even though the module starts in May.

So that's all I have to say. I don't even know why I'm telling you guys this though.

My first proper post

My first proper post here.

Hmm think everyone knows about this but i'm still going to say it here, CCK e-amusement is up. That includes DDR too.

GF1 Red button isn't really good, infact its quite bad.

DM bass pedal is cranky although i've no problems with it (varies with stepping pattern).
However the both toms are giving me some stupid misses, maybe its just me because Bryant doesn't get these misses at all.

Anyway to all CCK peeps, i've a request for each and everyone of us to take down the picture of our SP and card name (the screen that shows ur name, sp, title n etc).

i gonna make a list on the side column to put down all our pictures.

And i hope it does serve as a motivation to all of us...

our aim : for each and everyone of us to be over 1100SP for our specialized side !! (eg kanaye on DM, JQ on DM, KSM on GF)

Maybe we'll raise the standard, but let the aim be that for now.

Lastly, i'm booking in soon so if there's anyone who can help with the blog skin, kindly do so.

If not, wait for my return before i start doing up on the design.

But shengtat, can help me take a picture of CCK's DM, GF and DDR cabinets ?? i feel we should make those pictures as a theme for our blog skin.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Umm, hi hi =)

Hi, Raymond here. I don't know what to post, & also unfamiliar with blogspot >_< lol.. Actually me myself & i also don't know where i belong to. I'm not belongs to DBG nor CCK cos i'm neutral. So, i'm everywhere lah XD Most of the time my friend jio me to here & there, then i go de, lol..

I don't know much about GF/DM, but i know DDR a lot~! If you guys have any question regarding DDR, just ask me, & i'll try to give you the answer =)

Cya around~

BPR Speaks

Ok so I'm the 3rd person to post here. Ya, basically I'm a BPR la. I own singapore, so I own your ass. Kidding.

Firstly I'd like to state that if you look like MLLCG then f**k off.

2ndly I'd like to state that if you ARE MLLCG then just f**k off too.

3rdly, since I'm famous for condemning people I'll just post it here.


Umm also those who know how to make blog skins do one. I guess that's Shin liao. Gum sai ah. Going with the default template doesn't cut it. Haha ok that ends it. I don't have much to say....yet. Until someone gets on my nerves again.

Lastly, I wish for world peace and unity of nations.

CCK-Members system

Hello, 2nd person to post here, Bryant here.

Basically, i will be doing the annoucements and organising outings for CCK Gang.

CCK-Gang Members ( Real Name/Card Name ):

- Yuh Shin ( Sky.157 )
- Shengtat ( Kotoko )
- Shan Ming ( Ksm )
- Wyman ( Yman_ )
- Jason ( Sayuri-k )
- Bryant ( Asuna-k )
- Yan Ping ( Tomizawa )
- David ( Kanaye )
- Benedict ( Cl-Blizz )
- Wei Jian ( Fr-Cool )
- Jing Quan ( - )
- Yong Zhan ( - )
- Yong Kiat ( - )
- Jerry ( *forgot =/ )
- Raymond ( DDR-Ray )

To date, there are 15 official and recognised members.

- Newest members are David and Ray, welcome!! xD

List will be updated regularly. If i do leave out anyone's name, leave a tag and i will add u in if everyone does recognise it.

Criteria to become a recognised member:

1) Be regular
2) Be friendly and open
3) Spend time with all of us to chill
4) Come on fridays or saturdays to join our dinner session

Once the criteria is met, your name will appear in the list.

- As a member, if there are outings you are included. If we go anywhere to DMGF/DDR/All other games, u will also be invited, or even any other events, u are not forgotten.

If anyone who is reading this now is actually playing at CCK regularly, do make an attempt to talk to anyone of us nicely, and we will be open to you as well.

To clear confusion, basically CCK-Gang is more of like a big family rather than a commitee.

Finally...enjoy your stay here guys!!

Introduction : I AM SKY.157

Hello to all CCK peeps. This will be our homeground in the cyber world. Post all happenings, updates, announcements, accomplishments, condemn-ation and any hot issues you wanna talk about.

I am the main admin of this blog. For those who don't know me, i'm Shin, otherwise known as SKY.157 in the DMGF community or Skydazer in the past.

This blog is for us to be able to communicate with each other even though we are not at CCK. A place for us to chill out and talk all kind of nonsense.

So everyone, carry on...

..and enjoy your stay here !