Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thank you Jing Quan.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Some explaination and a NEW RULE (please read)

For those who still don't understand this chunk of rules stated:

1400 VS 1200 ( Lvl 85 and below ) OR 1100 ( Lvl 80 and below )
1300 VS 1100 ( Lvl 80 and below ) OR 1000 ( Lvl 75 and below )
1200 VS 1000 ( Lvl 75 and below ) OR 900 ( Lvl 70 and below )
1100 VS 900 ( Lvl 70 and below ) OR 800 ( Lvl 65 and below )
1000 VS 800 ( Lvl 65 and below ) OR 700 ( Lvl 60 and below )
900 VS 700 ( Lvl 60 and below ) OR 600 ( Lvl 55 and below )

If a 1400 draws lots and obtains a 1200 as the opponent, then he can only select songs of level 85 or below. If he draws a 1100, then level 80 or below. The lowest SP holder of the round of matches dictates the highest possible level of song selected by the 1400.

And so on so forth.

Players are expected to prepare 3 songs, in decending difficulty level.

1st choice - Anything goes, if you can handle. (e.g. onihime)

2nd choice - In the event you are limited by a player 200 SP lower than you being drawn into the same match, this song is played. So if you are 1400 and you get a 1200 player in the same match after drawing lots, you can only choose this song (e.g. tizona)

3rd choice - Same as 2nd choice, but for players 300 SP lower than you. So if the match has a 1400, a 1300, a 1200 and a 1100, then the 1400 has to play his 3rd choice, say, souhaku. The 1300er has to play his level 80 or lower song, the 1200er gets to play anything since there is no restriction on 1200ers vs 1100ers, and the 1100er can choose Day Dream if he desires.

I hope that's clearer now.

A quick example:
Lots drawn, the match up is 1200, 1200, 1000, 900

The two 1200, since they are facing a 900 can only choose level 70 or below.
There is no rule for the 1000 against 1200 or 900, so he can choose anything
Same goes for the 900, since there is NO rule for lower SP players against higher SP players.

IF YOU STILL CAN'T UNDERSTAND....then uh, I can't help you. Or maybe if I can show up on that day I'll explain.

Players taking part: Go choose your 3 short songs first, and remember them.

This is to speed up events on the day itself.

If you're a 1200, for example, prepare:
1st choice - Anything
2nd choice - Level 75 or below (in the event you get limited by lower SP opponents)
3rd choice - Level 70 or below (in the event you get limited by lower SP opponents)

On the new rule:
You are allowed to turn on HZD!

For any of the 4 songs you have to play.
You do so at your own risk of course.
If you clear the song with HZD on, the bonus 8310 score points will be taken into consideration
But if you fail, the score will be recorded as



No one is allowed to hit away the results screen until the score-recording guy has taken down the score.

Or else......

Friday, March 23, 2007

Details on CCK DM Match 1 + New rule

So with regards to the time people can make it, it would happen on both days, 30th and 31st of March to benefit everyone that can make it on these two days itself.

Level Limit Rule:

Song Limit Chart:

Actual SP VS 200SP difference ( Song lvl limit ) OR 300 SP diff ( Song lvl limit. )

1400 VS 1200 ( Lvl 85 and below ) OR 1100 ( Lvl 80 and below )
1300 VS 1100 ( Lvl 80 and below ) OR 1000 ( Lvl 75 and below )
1200 VS 1000 ( Lvl 75 and below ) OR 900 ( Lvl 70 and below )
1100 VS 900 ( Lvl 70 and below ) OR 800 ( Lvl 65 and below )
1000 VS 800 ( Lvl 65 and below ) OR 700 ( Lvl 60 and below )
900 VS 700 ( Lvl 60 and below ) OR 600 ( Lvl 55 and below )


All actual SP is rounded down to a whole number, SP digits ending with **80.xx will be rounded up to the next whole number.


1170 is taken as a 1100 SP holder.
980 is taken as a 1000 SP holder

880 is taken as a 900 SP holder.

"Unreal" SP is being estimated to the next color zone point.

E.g :

900 without long and Non-stop is estimated as a 1000SP holder.
850 without long and Non-stop is estimated as a 900 SP holder.

For cases that individuals are having a SP higher than ( w/o Long and NS ):


It would be estimated a 2 color zone jump ( E.g 995.xx = 1.1k SP holder ) because its clear enough that after finishing every long and NS, the SP would be **80.xx and above for sure. ( Refer above for the **80.xx rounding up explanation. )


IF a group of 4 participants consists of:

1400SP player
1300SP player
1200SP player
1100SP player

Song limit for the 1.4ker would be lvl 80,
Song limit for 1.3ker would be lvl 80,
NO limit for the 1.2ker and 1.1ker ( Any songs inside the DM machine that they can DO WELL IN. )


The reason is to ensure that higher SP player is unable to choose high level songs to cause other lower level SP players to stage fail in order to win the friendly match.

Also, with a 200-300SP gap difference, the difference of abilities to do well in higher level songs is pretty obvious. This rule is enforced to ensure a higher level of fairness.

Something to take note of:

Participants please refer to the song limit chart and prepare 3 different songs and write it down clearly on a piece of paper.

- 1st choice song of ANY LEVEL you can do well in.

>> For a situation of ALL 3 opponents either match your SP/Within 100SP gap/higher than you.

- 2nd choice song under the level limit rule of 200SP gap ( Refer to chart for more information regarding the maximum level limit of songs you can choose )

>> For a situation of anyONE of the opponents who happen to be in the 200SP gap.

- 3rd choice song under the level limit rule of 300SP gap ( Refer to chart for more information regarding the maximum level limit of songs you can choose )

>> For a situation of anyONE of the opponents who happen to be in the 300SP gap.

So if in a situation of a person having 2 opponents who are 200SP lower and 300SP lower than you respectively, you will choose the song that is for the 300SP gap.


Participants can request to play 2nd choice song and it would only happen if all opponents agree to it.

IF any participant is in a situation of 3rd choice song being choosen due to the 300SP gap difference, he/she can request to play the 2nd choice song he/she prepared with full agreement of all other opponents. Of course, the 1st choice song is NOT allowed in the request list.


1. The "draw lots event" would start with the highest SP holder who is at CCK, and the next highest SP holder who is available for the match itself would draw for 3 more opponents for the 2nd match.

2. After knowing the opponents, the 4 involved participant would each show everyone the songs they have prepared and choose the valid song for the match itself.

3. Participants who feels that his/her opponents are good enough to handle their 2nd choice song can request for their self-prepared 2nd choice song to be played. ( Applies only when a 3rd choice song being chosen due to the 300SP gap situation. )

4. Match begins, participants' scores are taken down at the results screen at the end of each song. The participant with the highest score for the song itself gets 1 point.

5. Highest point = winner.

6. If there is a tie of points, highest TOTAL score of 4 songs = winner.

Inside the lot, the players' range would be 300SP higher/lower than you.

E.g: 1200 - 900 - 600

Finally, good luck to everyone on the match itself, its not totally about winning/losing, its more about more exposure to songs that u are good/weak in and also a friendly exchange of skills!

On the other hand, the GF friendly match will be held much later on, because it might be different from the way DM is being held.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

CCK DM Match 1.

Alright, the first CCK DM Match will be happening on 30th March.

Guys, do TAG on the board and inform me whether u can make it or not.

Either way, if many pple somehow manage to make it on a certain day besides 30th March, it would be "that" particular day instead. ( Subject to changes with response from all participants )


On the other hand, the SP GAP Difference is adjusted to 300 instead of 200 because to enable more players to be able to play with each other.


Not all players appear on the same day, nor all the players appearing on the same day can happen to be in a "200 SP gap". So, the 300 SP Gap is to ensure higher chances of matches happening rather than a situation of "Not enough opponents because his SP is higher/lower than mine by 200."

Afterall, its not about winning or losing, its a friendly exchange match.

A "SONG LEVEL LIMIT WITH RESPECT TO SP DIFFERENCE" might be introduced soon enuf to further ensure that no highly skilled players choosing a song that would cause his/her other opponents to fail it in order to win.

It sounds like battle mode, just that you don't get any "class up" or "class down" situation.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

CCK DMGF Friendly match updates

Okay, for the match itself, its now closed for the DBG side players.









Change of calculations:

Upon discussion and request from different players, now SCORE is taken as the means of determine who is the winner of the match.

Upon every song finishes, the score would be taken down and be compared. The person with the highest score out of an individual score gets 1 point.

The player with the highest point overall wins the friendly match.

However if there is a tie, we will total up the 4 songs' score and the person with the highest total score amongest the 4 would be the winner of the match.

The reason of not choosing to take the the final score at the end is simply because there would be extra stage for certain individuals, and it would be impolite to tell them fail it just to take down the score.

Rules that still need more development:

- FAIR allocation of players in an individual 4-songs match.


- Not everyone would be at CCK at the same time.
- Uneven number of players.
- Players would be playing more than one round due to insufficient players.
- Big SP gap for certain players. ( Look at GF side and u will understand. )

For all participants to know:

Nothing of the rules is considered finalised YET. We are still in progress of discussion of how to make the gameplay more fair and satisfying for every participants.

So do not be irritated that u see changes or updates with the rules everytime, IT IS TO MAKE IT FAIR FOR EVERY PLAYER.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New updates on CCK DMGF Friendly match

Current DM participants: ( DM Color-Zone Sequence ):





DM has problems regarding insufficient players and as well as with HANBIN joining in, not enough opponents to compete with him. ( Only me and icycloud under the SP Color Zone Rules can compete with him. )

GF Participants: ( GF Color-Zone Sequence )




GF, similary, not enough players participating, DO please leave a tag on whether i did left anyone out on the GF section as well as if u want to join in.


Implemented to minimise the skill gap difference, using SP.

- Some might say, SP is not something to judge your skill, so are you telling me a 900SP player can play better than a 1.2k player on screen wise? Most of the time, no.

For SP holders in a zone of 600-799, 800-999, 1300-max SP, there would be a "high-end color zone" and "low-end color zone" difference. Players who are of the higher end of their SP Zone would have an "underscore" below their name.

- The reason for this move is to ensure that every player does not meet other players that are too strong/too weak for them.

For example:

SKY.157 can play with ASUNA-K, but not with HANBIN

- Although both ASUNA-K and HANBIN are Red-Zone players, but its obvious that a 1.4k player plays much better than a 1.3k player, same as a 900SP player plays better than a 800SP player. That is why the high end/low end SP Zone is introduced.

But people might ask, "Why not u just minus off the skill point difference? Isn't that more easier?"

- There are players here who have not touched their nonstops/long, its easy to judge what color zone, higher end lower end they would reach, but not their exact SP. So a rounded off SP Color-Zone tactic is employed over here.


Estimated to be at 20th of April, Friday and 21st of April, Saturday.

Estimated time of arrival preferably at around 3p.m. Match starts at around 4.30p.m after players have warmed up/selected their songs/know who is their opponents.

Monday, March 12, 2007

CCK ton session review

Ok overall i think not bad (because i didn't sin). lol. The achievement this time round is that we manage to travel to both waterfront and CV. And we can safely declare that our stamina can tahan, but not our butts..

Please take note that, in any future ton sessions, there won't be anymore cycling to CV. Mainly because CV got nothing much to do, scenery sucks big time and the route is boring.

and i think we should stay at Waterfront longer to nua.. Quite an excellent place don't you think?

Anyway the next one won't come so soon although i'll be looking forward to it.

For those who don't know, DM v3 at CCK is back liao. Some 'settings' haven't configure yet though..

And for those who don't know again, i'll be leaving Sgpore for one month. In fact tmr is my flight, good luck to me, hopefully i won't suffer during training. lol.

Anyway take care guys and i shall see CCK gang again on 16th April !!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Beta Video

This is the beta version of the 'friendly match'

or this link...

Enjoy !

About our friendly match

I got a better idea..

Why not play on standard? Cos firstly nonstop is very easy to make ppl fail (4 songs total up abt 45-50 miss + poors)..

We're not even near 1300Sp on the average, so its very likely we fail the nonstop course..

And if we fail, there's no way we can make a video cos it would look like sai..

On the other hand, for those who watched PICO vs IOWA video before.. Its something i prefer..

So after each song, we will see who is e winner for each song.

And after the whole video, i'll put the grand winner at the end.

So isn't it better?

Winner for each song will determine on Perfect%+Great%.

If there is a tie at the end of the whole video, we'll take the total score and determine the winner.

The only tedious part is the making of the video and editing it.. But editing wise leave it to me, i'll master Adobe Premiere soon enough to make editing easier.

Anyway they shouldn't downgrade the V3 to 3rd mix. Yes i do like most songs in 3rd mix (reminds me of the old days) but i'd prefer 6th to 8th mix because it has been 5 years since i last touched this mixes.

I really miss many songs within that 3 mix, luckily there's smth called Masterpiece Silver/Gold.

RAY !!


If i can save enough cash, i might consider on a dtxplorer just for the sake of MPS and MPG. lol.

And my GF KOC is cui already.. Blue button is almost the same as current CCK 1st player.

Updates on CCK DMGF Friendly match and a new member!

Updates on currently joined players:

K-OS ( DM/GF? )
SKY.157 ( DM-GF )
YMAN_ ( DM )

Some clarifications regarding the friendly match:

- One player would be drawing lots to find his/her 3 opponents.
>> The "lots" inside obviously would be ensured that players are in the "200SP difference zone".

- Players would be writing down their selected songs before they know who is their opponent.
>> To prevent targetting certain inviduals "dead spot" situation or xl/gl-ing situation.

- The SP of a player would be estimated with full nonstops and long if they did not play to ensure fairness.
>> E.g, FR-COOL would be a 1.1k player instead of a 1k player because he haven't play his nonstops yet. If not he will be playing with 800SP players which is actually a 300SP difference.

- Sequence of songs is determined from LOWEST level to the HIGHEST level. If 2 songs are of the same level, its sorted in the alphabetical order.
>> E.g Little Prayer ( 90 ) comes before You Can't Do It ( 90 )

- Refer to the colours of the DMGF i labeled, its the estimated SP level of the player, DO correct me if i am wrong.
>> No stupid jokes please


The NONSTOP COURSE is changed into a STANDARD COURSE instead. Simply because to prevent wastage of money due to accidental misses resulting in stage failing as nonstop does not replenish life.

So the match will go in a Sequenced standard course.

Winner is determined by the highest GRAND P/G% ( Perfect% + Great% ) in 4 songs.


The main reason why SCORE is not chosen because there might be lucky/unlucky situations of combo-chaining or combo breaking due to hitting metal parts. Remember, high combo = high score.

P/G is something that shows the real abilities/consistancy/skills of a DM/GF player in the song itself.

P/G is not a matter of luck, its all about how the player plays the song. Even if you "zhua", it does not mean that u can catch it in perfects or greats.



She is officially recognised as a CCK member for being a super-regular player.

Welcome to CCK Gang, Roxy! =D
Before i continue what i wanted to say, i've to say this now:

Blogger system sucks! I'll have to reset my password everytime i wanted to post something!! So what's the point clicking that stupid box
" □ Remember me" ??? Fuck up system!! :/



DM V3 @ CCK spoilt

This is what i've heard from one of the staff when i interviewed him in the afternoon:

"This morning, there's a girl (dyed hair), played the DrumMania, & then the machine went blackout. The tech can't fix the problem let, so the tech switched off the machine"

No worry, i'm not blaming that girl, lol~ I'm blaming that old machine.

Then the auntie turned on the machine, & it failed to boot the game, & the PS2 menu appeared. LOL~

After awhile, the tech appeared again, but with DrumMania 3rd MIX. Hehe~

So the rest of the thingy you guys should know la~
Some random pics:


DM 3rd MIX kit

DM V3 kit

3rd MIX: Midnight Special no BPM? Lol~



P2 side, the BLUE button sucks big time... I got really pissed till i put (Yes it's put, not throw.) back the guitar (battle mode) & wait for the music to finish to get back my e-AMUSEMENT PASS..

Video clip --> Sometimes register, sometimes not

Thursday, March 8, 2007

CCK DMGF Friendly match.

Yes guys, like the topic mentioned, CCK will be having a DMGF friendly match.

Basically, its just a friendly match to let you:

1) Know your strong/weakness points
2) Know how good is your consistancy
3) Know where your skill stands in the CCK gang

Also, everyone that is reading this do bear this in mind that its not always the case of "High sp players will win for sure and lower sp-ers will get owned."

The reason i am stating this is because the match will be a nonstop course, so there is no sure win or lose situation until the results is out.

Also, the opponents everyone here facing would be a CCK gang member near your skill level, so there is no exact unfairness or grudges.

Rules and regulations:

- No "impossible" songs like the level 99 songs.
- Only chose songs you are confident and capable of doing well in.
- SP opponents of up to 200SP difference. ( 700 SP vs 900 SP, 900 vs 1100, 1100 vs 1300 )
- 4 players per match, one song of each person's choice, forming a non-stop course.
- No auto allowed.
- Adv/Ext difficulty allowed.

How the match works:

- 4 players each chooses a song they are good at, and play other 3 songs chosen by his/her opponents.
- Winner is the person with the highest score among his/her opponents.

Gentle reminders:

- It is NOT a competition to win any title or boost ego by thrashing your friends, but just merely a friendly match to pit against your friend's DMGF skills and discover what songs you are good at/need to work on it.
- Combo is what matters in the match, not perfect, catch as much combo in your chosen song and try to do well in your opponent's selected songs!
- More combo = more score = higher chances to win.
- Don't give up even if you happen to screw up any one of the song, because non-stop does not replenish your life bar, don't risk it.

So now CCK Gang members, take a step forward and join in the match! Post/Tag/Contact me to join now, opponents issued to you would be ensured at the fairest level.

Please state clearly if you are joining DM/GF or both and list will be updated regularly.

Currently joined:

SKY.157 ( DM/GF )
YMAN_ ( DM )

Below is one video of me playing a "beta-version" of non-stop match, but then again, its a beta match so the opponents are not from the same level:


Raymond - Diamonds
Jerry - Glamorous Sky
Myself - Yakaenogahara
Shin - Hello you


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Update on outings.

I will now give a exact breakdown on the programme and instructions to everyone on the gathering.

Programme item includes ( Subject to mood changes as a grp ):

- Dinner session either at PS or ECP
- Renting of bike and travelling to bedok jetty for card games and talk cock session.
- Chiong all the fucking way to Changi village.
- Eat at CV kopitiam
- Explore CV itself
- Chiong all the fucking way back to ECP again.
- And from ECP we will go to Water front and take picture ( Subject to physical energy and time )
- Breakfast at Mac
- Rest and return bike and leave ECP.

This is the rough breakdown of the programme, sounds boring but actually the fun is in the journey of travelling itself.

Gathering/meeting time:

For people who are meeting up in CCK:

Gathering time is 3.30p.m, leaving time 4pm.

For people who are meeting up and gathering with people coming from CCK:

Gathering time 6.30pm, leaving time 7pm.

What to bring:

Money - $30-$50 to play safe.
Items - A small bag if you wish.
Clothing - Relaxed.

Cfmed/Pending members going:

1. Yman
2. Jason
3. Benedict
4. Jing Quan
5. Shin
6. Yong Zhan
7. Joel ( TBC )
8. Jerry
9. David
10. Myself

Any people interested joining us can just leave a tag or msg me at 97974716.

Any questions regarding the outing itself pls leave a tag on the tag board. Thank you.

.....And hell yea, i sound like some travel agency promoter wtf lol.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


for those going next sat, rest sufficiently before you come cos we gonna travel quite a LOOONNNG distance.

anw, some of us are in the process of making some CCK videos...

so stay tuned...


I want to unlock FT2 MIRACLE !!! ARGH i don't believe i can't unlock it before V3 ends..


but sometimes i should just face the fact XD

... (that i cant unlock it lol)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

CCK gang outing.

ok cck gang members. JQ here. There will be a outing for our gang nxt sat on the 9th March at ECP. It would b an overnight thing at East coast park. Interested parties may contact Bryant/Asuna-k/Setsuna for more information. RMB u mus no how to cycle pls. Thank you very much.