Thursday, May 31, 2007


Here is an update on the outing.

Date: 16/6/2007

Time: TBC

Area to meet: Either CCK Zone X/DBG Zone X as the final gathering area to set off.

Destination: East Coast

Activity: New exploration route to Chinatown/Bugis etc VIA cycling.

Cash: Approx 20 or more ( $6 for bike probably with FREE water LOL )

Something to note of:

NOT OPEN TO ALL, only INVITED individuals can go.

Invited parties INCLUDES:

Zariel ( Now hes one of us! =D )
Wen xiang
Jing Quan
Ray - Pending. ( Work )
Yong Zhan
Wyman - Pending. ( Army )

Check out the names above. All mentioned above are the invited members. ( Should be all ba? )

Thank you very much.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I say, very quiet sia.

Friday, May 18, 2007


There is one thing about CCK ppl that is very different from the DBG side. im talking about both DMGF and DDR side..

CCK ppl are straightforward, and thats one thing i like about us. If we have a problem, we just say it straight to your face. Yes it might arouse some arguments n etc but.. at least i know it will help to solve the problem. And i also believe doing this way is better than being a hypocrite and talking behind ppl's back.

Thats why the recent DBG migration (im talking about DMGF and DDR too), we had some minor problems with them. But all of us just voiced out our opinions...

Giving the benefit of doubt, i still feel the reason why all troubles come from DBG is because of pure coincidence. You guys know it for yourself better.

i love sandking's quote best...

'to put it in a not so nice way.
they can find more friends here at cck than at the "full-of-politics" dbg.

get the drift?you guys know what i mean.'

the most constructive shit he ever said lol.

Anw, i don't have too much problems about having mini groups at CCK. i mean, the whole community being divided into a smaller group of frens among yourself. Like for eg, we all know edeson, sp, and the DDR peeps but normally they hang out in their small clique rather than joining the DMGF grp. i think its still quite ok lah.

in army terms, it just seems to me like CCK is one platoon with many sections...

in primary sch terms, its just like CCK is a class with alot of groups.

Anyway, we're still classmates/platoonmates (whatever you suggest).

But ppl who accuse of others who are breaking the small group into even smaller groups but actually they themselves who did it.

Happy birthday to JQ. Hell yeah, 18 liao.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

b4 this blog dies. i tink i might as well revive it a little. may everybody gain a lot alot of sp. =)